Awards and Honors

Every year, AOTF bestows awards and honors to individuals, agencies, businesses and /or other organizations that contribute time, energy, and support to the fulfillment of the mission, goals, and objectives of AOTF. The awards are presented at the AOTA/AOTF Awards Ceremony at the AOTA Annual Conference each year. 

For a list of AOTF awardees, click here. 

Awards and honors for research: 

  • The Academy of Research -- recognizes individuals who have made exemplary and distinguished contributions toward the science of occupational therapy.
  • Mid-Career Research Award Sponsored by Bonita Kraft -- recognizes or supports individuals who have contributed to advancing knowledge in the field of occupational therapy. 
  • A. Jean Ayres Award -- recognizes individuals who are committed to the research-related development or testing of theory in occupational therapy with priority given to work in the area of sensory processing. The award is given in honor of A. Jean Ayres, PhD, OTR, whose concentration on developing theory in support of practice was of great significance to the profession of occupational therapy.
  • Mary J. Bridle First Research Award -- sponsored by Pi Theta Epsilon, this award fosters scholarship and first research efforts within the occupational therapy community.
  • Virginia Scardina Award of Excellence -- provides an award and honorarium for an occupational therapy clinician who demonstrates a commitment to evidence-based practice through participation in research that advances theory in the area of brain-behavior relationships and/or sensory processing disorders. The award is given in honor of Virginia Scardina whose application of theory to practice was of great significance to the profession of occupational therapy.

Awards and honors for leadership and service: 

  • AOTA-AOTF Presidents' Award in Honor of Wilma L. West --  given in conjunction with AOTA, this award honors a respected leader of the profession who has made sustained contributions to occupational therapy over a lifetime of service.
  • Fred Sammons Volunteer Recognition Award -- recognizes volunteers who have demonstrated generous selfless service to AOTF and the advancement of occupational science through achievements, accomplishments, or service. The award is given in honor of Fred Sammons, whose career-long commitment to volunteerism helped support and advance the mission of AOTF.
  • Certificate of Appreciation -- recognizes the outstanding service of those external to the Foundation who have contributed significantly to the fulfillment of the Foundation's mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Meritorious Service Award -- recognizes retiring and incumbent members of the AOTF Board of Trustees who have made sustained and exemplary contributions in support of the Foundation's mission.
  • Leadership Service Commendation -- recognizes the outstanding service of retiring members of the AOTF Board of Trustees, life members, or members of the Foundation's committees or councils who contributed their time, energies, and support to the fulfillment of the Foundation's mission, goals, and objectives. 

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