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AOTF Scholarship Program: Overview and History

Over 50 scholarships are available this year from AOTF and its collaboration with state occupational therapy associations. The scholarships range in value from $150 to $5,000. View list of scholarship awardees. 

Applicants must be currently enrolled full-time in either a professional occupational therapy educational program or an occupational therapy assistant program and must meet all eligibility requirements.

All of the scholarship application materials are available on the AOTF website. Please note that applicants need to submit only one application for all of the eligible scholarships.

We encourage you to apply. Our goal is to give away every scholarship dollar every year. Please address questions to scholarships@aotf.org or by telephone at the AOTF office 240-292-1125.


The Scholarship Program is one of the oldest of the Foundation's programs dating back to the establishment of AOTF in 1965. In the early 1980s, AOTF expanded the program to include partnerships between individual state associations and AOTF to grant scholarships on their behalf.

The founders specified that AOTF scholarships be offered only to students enrolled in accredited academic occupational therapy programs and established the timetable on which the scholarship program operates. AOTF accepts applications once a year. Scholarships available for academic years are announced in the fall of each year, and applications are accepted through late fall. A Scholarship Selection Committee, comprised of volunteer occupational therapy practitioners and educators, reviews all applications and recommends scholarship recipients.


The Foundation has a growing number of ongoing endowed scholarships, the funds of which are invested and managed by professional investment managers retained by AOTF. These scholarships are offered on a rotating basis. Each year some are "rested," in order to give the funds time to grow.

Today 25 states and the District of Columbia participate in the AOTF-State Endowed Scholarship partnership. Many of these awards have grown over the years from humble beginnings to endowed funds that now support scholarships of $1,000 or more.

In addition, the Foundation scholarship program is the beneficiary of corporate funding. These funds are donated for limited time periods. The Foundation seeks to increase the number of corporate scholarships as well as to attract renewals of corporate scholarship donations.

Questions? View FAQ's or contact scholarships@aotf.org or 240-292-1125.