Nomination Procedures for the Academy of Research

Nominations for 2022 will open this summer. Deadline for nominations is November 1, 2021.

The 2019-20 review cycle for nominations to the Academy of Research was the first cycle with the new criteria and new review process.  We learned some lessons that could strengthen the nominations and inform the review process.  We recommend that nominators prepare the materials with the following considerations:

1. Nominators should define their own criteria for engagement in original research and excellence in team science and excellence in research impact, given the traditions of the nominee’s scientific domain, and present both their criteria and how the nominee’s contributions address these criteria in the nomination materials.

We recognized that these elements may be defined differently among the scientific traditions throughout occupational therapy science, and we hoped that by adding this to the instructions it may ensure a more well-rounded review.

2. Nominees’ curricula vitae should directly address each stated criterion in the instruction materials, to ensure a fair review. In particular, roles on funded projects (e.g., principal investigator, co-investigator, consultant) should be specified.

Membership in the Academy is limited to those individuals who have made distinguished, exemplary, and sustained contributions through research to the advancement of knowledge in occupational therapy. An applicant’s contributions through research will be evaluated based on rigor, originality, and impact.

Engagement in original research is evaluated in the following areas (presented order of greatest consideration or weight):

  • Sustained record of peer-reviewed publications in a focused and original area (most highly weighted).
  • Sustained program of research (i.e. over several years) demonstrating consistent participation in research. (Applicant will explicitly identify research focus, originality of research, and show how funding has supported research trajectory. 
    • Funded research (intra or extramural is desirable)
  • Mentoring PhD doctoral students, post-doctoral students and/or junior faculty (in institutions where doctoral or post-doctoral studental are not accessible, focus on evidence of mentoring junior faculty or researchers.)


Research that advances the knowledge and understanding of individuals, communities or populations as it relates to occupation, function, and participation in everyday life. Consider impact on stakeholders (profession, clinicians, populations, patients, families and children), originality, research quality, and productivity (output). The application must explicitly describe how their body of work meets this criterion.

Nominations must include: 

(1) a cover letter, written by an Academy of Research member who serves as the sponsor for the nomination, indicating the nominee’s major research contribution(s);

(2) two additional letters of support from people who can attest to and outline the nominee's contributions as a scholar;

(3) a current curriculum vitae of the nominee that details research grants, complete citations (including PMCID) for publications and information on people mentored in research;

(4) three to five representative research publications from peer-reviewed journals of the nominee in pdf form; 

(5) a paragraph (in lay language of 150 words or less) describing the nominee’s research to be used in AOTF and AOTA publications; and

(6) a hi-resolution photograph of candidate (300 dpi or greater jpg).

Please send the nomination package using any attachments as necessary, to research@aotf.org and use "Academy of Research Nomination" in subject line by November 1, 2021.

Questions? Contact research@aotf.org.