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What is the St. Catherine Challenge?

The AOTF St. Catherine Challenge is a student-led fundraising initiative to support occupational therapy research grants awarded by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation.

The Challenge began in September 2013 when honor society students from St. Catherine University learned the importance of using effective treatment methods that are supported by research evidence. These students were seeking to increase awareness on occupational therapy research that guides practice. They challenged OT students at universities across the United States to a take on the challenge, create their own fundraisers, engage their communities, and join together in a friendly competition in support of AOTF's mission.

GOAL for 2020: $50,000

AOTF awards Intervention Research Grants (IRGs) to provide early-stage research funding to OT investigators that enable them to collect pilot data and build proof of concept for new and novel ideas.  This one-year research grant of $50,000 is an essential first round of funding necessary to collect and analyze data, publish findings, apply for larger grants, and conduct future studies.  IRGs are the first step to improving the delivery of quality care. 

The 2020 Challenge runs until February 17, 2020.  AOTF recognizes the top three schools at the AOTA Annual Conference. We recognize the most improved school with our MVP Award and our Rush to the Top Award for the best performing first-time participant. 

Join The St. Catherine Challenge!

Don't see your school listed above? Submit your pledge to participate today! All OT and OTA programs are eligible to participate in the St. Catherine Challenge.


How To Give
  • Donate online: Click on Donate and add "St. Catherine Challenge" and the name of your participating school in the Remarks section.
  • Donate by mail: Make checks payable to AOTF and mail with a Donation Form below to:

             AOTF/St. Catherine Challenge

             12300 Twinbrook Pkwy., Suite 520

             Rockville, MD  20852

*If you would like your donation to be applied to a particular school, please include the school name on the memo line. We kindly request that you send donations with a completed Donation Form.

  • Donate by phone:
    • 240-292-1077
    • Monday to Friday (9:00 a.m. -- 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time)

The tax-deductible donations raised by the St. Catherine Challenge are used exclusively to fund and promote research into occupational therapy and thus advance the science of everyday living. Matching funds may be available based on university location and donors

Steps for Success

Thank you for leading the St. Catherine Challenge at your school! Below are resources to kick start your fundraising and take your school to the next level. 

Donations for the 2020 St. Catherine Challenge are due February 17, 2020.

SCC 2019 winners

Contact Information

Email:       StCatherineChallenge@aotf.org
Phone:      240.292.1077
Fax:           240.396.6188
Address:   AOTF/St. Catherine Challenge
                  12300 Twinbrook Pkwy., Suite 520
                  Rockville, MD  20852