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The American Occupational Foundation (AOTF) and the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) jointly support OT SEARCH, a bibliographic database covering the literature of occupational therapy and related subject areas. The full text of the indexed resources is not in this database, only the bibliographic information to identify the material and an author's abstract, when one exists. Links to sources for full-text copies are added to records in OT SEARCH when they are available. Currently, OT SEARCH contains over 50,000 records of materials dating from 1910 to the present.
The Wilma L. West Library (WLWL) owns a copy of all the materials indexed in OT SEARCH. While searchers will find material from related or supporting disciplines, such as rehabilitation, education, psychiatry or psychology, and health care delivery or administration in this database, the primary purpose is to bring together the literature of occupational therapy. To this end, we are gradually expanding coverage of non-OT journals in OT SEARCH on a selective basis; that is, only articles written by occupational therapy practitioners or of decided interest to occupational therapists would be included.
OT SEARCH is a fee-based subscription service and is not included in AOTA membership benefits, though the fee is reduced for AOTA members. Institutional subscribers must complete a licensing agreement with AOTA and can download the Institutional Subscription Packet from the link below.
For individual and institutional subscription pricing and information see: http://www1.aota.org/otsearch/links/about.asp