Breakfast with a Scholar
Previous Breakfast with a Scholar Speakers
  • 2011  Ruth Purtilo, medical ethicist.  A conversation about moral courage.
  • 2010  Brian R. Little, psychologist, pioneer of Personal Projects Analysis as an approach to the study of human personality.
  • 2009  Jan Epton Seale, poet, author of Airlift: The Nuts-and-Bolts Guide to Writing Your Life Story. Lives in words; the poetry of making meaning.
  • 2008  Suzanne Farrell,  ballerina, founder and artistic director of the Suzanne Farrell Ballet company.
  • 2007  Brenda Smith Myles, authority on behavior, learning, and autism spectrum disorders.
  • 2006  Rae Linda Brown, music scholar specializing in the lives and works of African-American women composers. Music as voice for occupation.
  • 2005  Elizabeth Yerxa, occupational therapist, scientist, Professor Emerita at the University of Southern California.
  • 2004  Uffe Ulle Jensen, scholar in philosophy and medical ethics.
  • 2003  Steve Zeitlin, folklorist, Director of City Lore in New York City, studies rituals and symbols in dealing with stressful situations. The Meaning Makers: Folk Art, Storytelling, and the Construction of the Self Through Time." 
  • 2002  William Least-Heat Moon, professor of English, author of Blue Highways.  
  • 2001  Juliet Schor, Harvard economist, author of The Overspent American.
  • 2000  Graham Rowles, social geographer, studies aging in place in Appalachia. How our geographical environment affects our occupations throughout our lifetime.
  • 1999  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, psychologist, architect of the “flow” theory; examines the importance of joy and happiness in our lives. 
  • 1998  Mary Catherine Bateson, sociologist, author of Composing a Life; The cultural concepts of what constitutes a successful life.
  • 1997  John Hockenberry, NBC war correspondent.
  • 1996  J. Seward Johnson, bronze sculptor. The significance of everyday activities through his life-size portrayals of people engaged in familiar occupations.
  • 1995  Jane Goodall, primatologist. So like us: My life with the chimpanzees.