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Vision, Mission, Goals, & Strategic Plan
The Vision of AOTF 
Enhancing health for all people through meaningful participation in everyday life.

The Mission of AOTF 
AOTF advances research, education and public awareness for occupational therapy so that all people may participate fully in life regardless of their physical, social, mental or developmental circumstances.

The Goals or Strategic Ends of AOTF 

Leadership Development
To facilitate the development of current and potential leaders in occupational therapy. 

Financial Stability
To grow the foundation's capacity to pursue its mission. 

Public Awareness
To increase public and professional  knowledge and understanding of: 
The health benefits of participation in everyday activities.
The unique contribution of occupational therapy to health and quality of life.

To support research initiatives that grow capacity and advance best practices in occupational therapy.
          (AOTF Statement on Research and the Public Interest).

To support educational initiatives that strengthen the profession of occupational therapy.

To foster the use of technology to improve practice and enhance quality of life.
The Strategic Plan of AOTF  
Every few years, the AOTF Board of Directors approves a strategic plan based on its current strategic ends. These ends or goals serve as a guide for foundation staff in planning and executing the means through which the goals (ends) of the strategic plan are pursued. These goals are current as of March, 2011.