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Mary J. Bridle First Research Award
Mary J. Bridle First Research Award is sponsored by Pi Theta Epsilon to encourage students to become actively involved in OT research. $250 is awarded annually. Applicants must submit research manuscript to the National Coordinator by October 1 each year.
Complete application instructions are available here.

For eligibility the applicant(s) research manuscript must meet the following criteria:

  • Be the first research study in that individual’s/team’s OT career
  • Be initiated while the individual/team is still considered a student(s) and submitted within 3 years of graduation
  • Individual/team is the senior author or principal investigator on the study
  • No previous refereed publication or professional presentation of the study may have been done

The research shall:

  • Add to the body of knowledge and contain components of authentic OT
  • Clearly demonstrate significance to the field of OT
  • Have logical development of rationale for the study, and for the specific question
  • Be methodologically correct
  • Be clearly written, and in a publishable format