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AOTF's Wilma L. West (WLW) Library is home to a unique collection of resources that help to advance research, education, and leadership in occupational therapy and raise public awareness of the vital link between everyday living and health.

The collection includes monographs, journals, dissertations, theses, conference proceedings, and audio-visual materials covering the literature of occupational therapy and related subject areas, including rehabilitation, education, psychiatry or psychology, and health care delivery/administration.


The contents of the WLW Library are indexed in OT SEARCH is an online bibliographic database with over 41,900 bibliographic records. Drawing from this database, the library operates as a national clearinghouse of occupational therapy information for AOTA members and occupational therapy professionals. Librarians can assist in performing literature searches, obtain factual information for specific queries, provide guidance on additional sources of information, or send photocopies of documents in compliance with copyright laws. The following charges apply for literature searches and document delivery services:


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   Article Reproduction (per article regardless of size)



   Bibliographic Literature Search (1-25 citations)



   Bibliographic Literature Search (26-50 citations)



   Bibliographic Literature Search (51-75 citations)



   Fax Delivery (per page)



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The WLW Library also houses a variety of resources related to research, education, and occupational therapy practice. These resources include:

Research Across the Curriculum: A Guide for Occupational Therapy Educators, Edited by Elizabeth Crepeau, PhD, OTR, FAOTA. 2001

Promoting Participation: Proceedings of the Third AOTF Research Conference on Habit, OTJR, vol. 27, supplement 1, fall 2007


Yerxa, E.J. (1967). The American Occupational Therapy Foundation is born. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 21, 299-300.

             .  (1975). The Foundation: The first decade: 1965-1975. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 29, 636-641.


Yerxa, E.J., Gilfoyle, E. (1976) Research Seminar. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy 30. 509-514,


Other Resources

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The WLW Library is open by appointment only Monday through Thursday.
For further information, please contact Mindy A, Hecker, MBA, MLS, Director of Information Resources and the WLW Library, by email at or by phone at 240-292-1045.

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