Memorials and Endowments

A special and enduring way to celebrate or honor loved ones, special occasions, or milestones is with a gift to the Foundation in the name of that individual.  Your donation will support scholarships, research and publications, development and recognition of leadership, education and maintaining the largest collection of occupational therapy resources in the country.

Gifts in Honor Of
Gifts may be made in honor of person or event, such as a graduation, Mother’s Day, wedding or other important milestone.  When you make a gift in honor of a special person, Foundation staff will send a letter to that person to let them know you made a gift to the Foundation in their honor.
Memorial Gifts
Memorial gifts are made to commemorate the life and legacy of an individual who is no longer with us.  When you make a memorial gift to the Foundation, we will send a letter to the family of the person who has died to inform them of your kind and thoughtful gift.

Endowed Funds

The creation of a named endowment to support a scholarship, fellowship, internship, lecture or program is another way to honor a loved one.  Endowed funds continue in perpetuity, supporting future generations of professionals and leaders in occupational therapy and touching countless others who benefit from their expertise. Contact AOTF Development Office to learn more about creating a scholarship endowment

Make a gift in honor or memory of a person or event.   


AOTF Legacy Circle

Members of the Legacy Circle have generously remembered AOTF in their wills or estates, strengthening the Foundation for generations to come.  

Anonymous (3)
Jerry A Johnson*
Virginia Scardina*
Jeanette Bair
Virginia King*
Maryelle Scritchfield
Esther Bernice Bell
Margaret Kirchman
Charlottte Seltser
Charlotte Bhasin
Martha Kirkland
Margarette Shelton
Clyde Butz
Ruth Rickers Klemmer
Anita Slominski*
Charles Christiansen
Marie Kress*
Lyla Mae Spelbring*
Marion Crampton*
Martha Mae Lasche*
Florence Stattel*
Florence Cromwell
Catherine Trombly Latham 
Genevieve Steffen
Elizabeth Deichman*
Amy Lind*
Sharon Stoffel
Cynthia Epstein
Lela Llorens
Nancy Holt Talbot
Anne Fisher
M. Jeanne Madigan
Maxine Ferrell Virden
Eunice Ford*
Rosalie Johanna Miller
Ruth Ann Watkins
Frank Gainer
Maralynne Mitcham
Ruth Brunyate Weimer*
Mildred Gittinger
Barbara Neuhaus*
Wilma L. West*
Ann P. Grady*
Yvonne De Sinson Norton*
Helen P. White*
Carol Joan Gryde
Carolyn Owen
Jeanette Winters
Kathryn Gunderson
Carole Pauw
Carol Gwin
Shawn Phipps
Kristine Haertl Helen Marguerite Pollack*  
Barbara Hemphill
Antje Price
Alice Howe*
Judith Reisman
Joy Huss
Fred Sammons
Essie Jacobs



* Deceased