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Pi Theta Epsilon Memberships

Please select the appropriate category of membership in PTE.

Newly inducted members:

      ·         Option 1:  Induction fee ($50) plus First-Year Member Dues ($25)
              Total $75 

      ·         Option 2:  Induction fee ($50) plus Lifetime Membership Fee ($125) This will avoid future dues payments.
              Total $175

·        Annual membership dues of $25.00 (annual fee)

Lifetime and Sustaining Membership dues (Professionals):

·         Lifetime Membership $125.00 (one-time fee) Choosing a Lifetime membership allows you the option to donate $25 to the chapter of your choice. The donation will be made in your name.  Membership is for life and includes one member vote. 

·         Sustaining membership annual dues of $50.00 (annual fee)


Honorary Memberships $250.00

Chapters who bestow an honorary membership pay the membership fee on behalf of the honoree. Membership is for life and includes one member vote.
Purchase an official PTE pin bearing the logo of Pi Theta Epsilon Honor Society or honor cords for graduation.