Leaders & Legacies Society

To contact L&L Society office:  LLSociety@aotf.org

Statement of Purpose              

The Leaders & Legacies Society is a membership organization that fosters ongoing pursuits in volunteerism, beneficence, and support of the Foundation and its programs. The Society promotes the work of the American Occupational Therapy Foundation in advancing occupational therapy as the science of everyday living through its research, recognition, scholarship, and legacy programs.


The Leaders & Legacies initiative is designed to identify, honor, and fully engage a cadre of occupational therapy professionals who have demonstrated their leadership abilities and skills through service in a variety of civic and professional organizations. The goal is to create a broad community of established occupational therapy leaders who will support and promote the multifaceted mission of the Foundation, through giving, through mentoring, and through volunteering for Foundation programs that serve to sustain and enrich the profession through the coming years.



Membership is open to all COTAs, OTs, and other professionals evidencing "sustained leadership" in support of occupational therapy. Membership is conferred in recognition of the significant contributions of these professionals and in acknowledgement of their ongoing desire to contribute to the field.


Membership Criteria

Election to membership in the Leaders & Legacies Society requires that nominees have demonstrated sustained commitment to the profession through their personal involvement in advancing occupational therapy at local, state, and/or national levels.


Successful nominees will have: 


  • Demonstrated sustained leadership as reflected in their involvement in one or more areas of:


    -  Occupational therapy practice

    -  Research

    -  Education

    -  Professional Societies

    -  Regulatory Boards

    -  Advocacy

    -  Communications

  • Leadership, when outside of the profession, has advanced awareness and benefited the field in an identifiable manner.
  • As befits a leader, ongoing membership in the Society includes the expectation that a member will make an annual donation to the Foundation and fulfill one or more member responsibilities as outlined below.


Member Responsibilities

To maintain a sustainable, robust and active society, members agree to support the mission of the Foundation in at least one of the following ways or through a Volunteer Circle:

  • Committee service within the society or Foundation.
  • Membership and nomination support.
  • Recruitment of individual and/or corporate donors.
  • Attending an AOTF event at the AOTA Conference.
  • Arranging an in-kind donation.
  • Mentoring for a Pi Theta Epsilon honor society chapter.
  • Support for participating groups in the student-led St. Catherine Challenge.
  • Speaking at conference or events about AOTF or the L&L Society.
  • Making or facilitating a planned gift to the Foundation's endowments.



The Foundation will induct founding members of the Leaders & Legacies Society before the Foundation Gala ,April 17, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee during the annual AOTA 2015 Conference. The Society anticipates that subsequent induction ceremonies will occur annually, most likely in conjunction with an AOTF activity at the AOTA Annual Conference.

The Foundation warmly invites inductees to purchase tickets through the 
AOTA conference registration site.
For those who are not registered for the AOTA conference, tickets can be purchased through AOTF.  The ticket form can be emailed to LLSociety@aotf.org or faxed to 240-396-6188.


Nomination Procedures

The Society welcomes and encourages nominations of distinguished individuals who demonstrate sustained service as leaders in occupational therapy in many capacities. Nominations will be on an annual basis due in the fall. Watch this page for more information. 


All founding members will be recognized on the AOTF website as well as at the Foundation Gala induction ceremony. Membership in other honorific groups of the profession neither precludes nor guarantees membership in the Society. 

For more information contact LLSociety@aotf.org or see the FAQs below.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:    What criteria are considered by the Nomination Committee in making nominations?

A:    The nomination committee identifies potential society members through review of rosters of individuals who have distinguished themselves through service or awards (i.e. AOTA Fellows, former local, state and national officers, board or commission members, OT regulatory board members, officers and board members of health-related professional organizations, etc.) as well as through personal communication and awareness. The Society is keenly aware that there are many individuals who are "unsung heroes" who may have less visible contributions, and it therefore reaches out to members, leaders and other to help us identify those potential nominees. Potential nominees are usually contacted by mail using the best available addresses that can be found. Unfortunately, the process of validating names and addresses is imperfect and we welcome corrections. 


Q:    What is the time commitment expected of members?

A:    The goal of the Society is to create a community of occupational therapists who are interested in sharing their talents and time to grow the profession in a meaningful way.  Although membership is an honor, the Society is also intended to be an opportunity to serve the profession. The Society is mindful that the amount of time available for volunteer work varies by individual. Therefore, requirements for maintaining good standing can be met in a variety of ways. 


Q:    Will participation in an annual meeting be required?

A:    All required meetings will be organized so that participation will not require travel (i.e., participation can be fulfilled through telephone or online arrangements).


Q:    Is there a minimum donation to the Foundation that is expected by members?

A:    The Society recognizes that its members will have different circumstances; but also believes that leaders lead by example. The Foundation is able to do its work only through the generosity of donors. Financial donations are therefore encouraged to the extent that a member's personal means allow. That said, all contributions to the Foundation by Society members are voluntary, appreciated, and tax-deductible. Members can also perform valuable service by enlisting donations from others or recruiting corporate donations and in-kind support. Bequests and planned giving arrangements are also welcome options. 


Q:    What type of service work will society members do?

A:    The Society is committed to engaging in projects that further the advancement of occupational therapy through the work of the Foundation. The Society will accomplish its work through Circles, which will be organized to work on specific projects related to Foundation initiatives or maintenance of the Society itself. For more information on the L&L Society Circles, click here


Q:    If I am invited to become a founding or inaugural member, will I have to travel to Nashville in April, 2015 to be inducted?

A:    The Foundation is planning to honor and induct the founding members during the 50th Anniversary Gala Celebration in Nashville on April 17, 2015. The Foundation warmly invites inductees to purchase tickets through the AOTA conference registration siteFor those who are not registering for the AOTA conference, tickets can be purchased through AOTF.  The ticket form can be emailed to LLSociety@aotf.org or faxed to 240-396-6188.


However, for those unable to attend, a "virtual" induction ceremony will be arranged.