Say "Thanks" to an OT
Harlan Temple is so grateful to the occupational therapists that have helped him over the years that he created a scholarship for students in the field. Read Harlan Temple's inspiring story and learn why he is so devoted to supporting occupational therapy education.
Would you like to recognize an occupational therapist who has made a difference in your life or the life of a loved one? You can! Make a gift to the American Occupational Therapy Foundation.
For nearly 50 years, AOTF has worked to help occupational therapists help people of all ages and abilities participate in the everyday activities that give life meaning.  Tax-deductible gifts to AOTF make a real difference for so many people who benefit from occupational therapy by supporting research, scholarships, future scientists and leaders, and the Wilma L. West Library, the largest collection of OT resources in the country.  

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